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I moved into a duplex managed by PowerHouse Property Partners last month, and they have been nothing but stellar so far. They’ve been incredibly responsive to our needs and have a simple online interface to request work orders and pay rent (Hooray 21st Century!). These guys are the best property managers I’ve had in my many years as an Austin renter by leaps and bounds.
~ Christopher R - Jan 2013

So far so good with Alex. Alex’s company, PowerHouse, bought out my prior property manager fairly recently but I’ve been pleased with the transition. Alex seems very professional and knowledgeable which is good because excellent property managers are very hard to find.
~ Lisa S, MBA, JD - Oct 2012

Alex was a great advisor to us during the sale of our home. His ideas were well informed and insightful. By suggesting a negotiation tactic when we had two competing bids, we were able to raise the final sales price of our home without alienating either of the prospective buyers. He was worth every penny of his commission and then some.
~ Dave M - May 2011

Alex is definitely someone you can depend on for taking care of business. He is a trustworthy agent, always looking out for your best interest. His expertise and knowledge helped me sell and purchase a new home in a short period of time.
~ Claudia K - July 2011

Alex made our first home buying experience very pleasant. He was very patient and honest with us, considering all the questions and concerns we had as first time homebuyers. He was very professional, sincere and honest about all of our options and we really appreciated this about him. He was always available for an impromptu visit to a home, each time we contacted him. He was also really great and kind to our sometimes unruly 3 year old that accompanied us on most of our home tours and meetings with him. We would recommend Alex to anyone looking for a home in the Austin area.
~ Kelly and Chariste - June 2011